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Socialism and Sexuality

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Socialisme et sexualité
Session des 5, 6 et 7 octobre 2006. Laboratoire de Démographie historique de l'Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS - Paris)

Les socialistes et le mariage - Socialists and marriage

The papers published here are draft versions - Do not quote without permission

First Session Thursday 5 October 9:00
Accueil par Hervé le Bras, directeur du Laboratoire de Démographie historique.

Le nouveau monde amoureux
présentation de Francis Ronsin.

Socialist and non-socialist working-class perspectives on marriage and the family in Britain in the 1830s and 1840s
Colin Creighton, University of Hull.

"Spirits Bound to the Same Haven": American Fourierists, Marriage, and the Political Economy of Love
Kathryn Tomasek, Wheaton College, Norton, Massachusetts, and Adam Tuchinsky, University of Southern Maine.

Living the Life of "Love in Liberty": Free Unions and Free Love in Late Nineteenth-Century America
Jesse Battan, California State University, Fullerton.

D'une théorie de l'amour libre à la mise en pratique de l'union libre. Les "milieux libres" anarchistes (France, 1900-1914). .
Céline Beaudet, de l'université de Paris-X-Nanterre.

Love and marriage in resistance and exile (1930-1940)
Catherine Stodolsky, University of Munich.

The Institution of Marriage and the Question of Interracial Marriage on the Anti-Stalinist Marxist Left in the United States
Christopher Phelps, Department of History, The Ohio State University.

Second Session Thursday 5 October 14:00
Political Thought and Private Life
Presentation by Jesse Battan, California State University, Fullerton.

Amour et mariage chez M. Bakounine
Gaetano Manfredonia, Professeur de sciences économiques et sociales, France.

Emilie Claeys: Putting Bebel into Practice?
Julie Carlier, Ghent University, Belgium.

"Man Should be More Modest and Woman More Brave": Francoise Lafitte and Free Unions in Fin-de-Siecle England
Ginger Frost, Samford University.

Longing for Friendship, Fearing Rivalry: Socialist Concepts of Egalitarian Love and its Pitfalls
Caroline Arni, University of Bern.

"You might be more useful together." The search for a perfect socialist marriage in fin de siècle Britain.
Krista Cowman, Department of Humanities, University of Lincoln UK.

A socialist looks at marriage: James Connolly and the politics of free unions
Theresa Moriarty, Dublin.

Socialism, Marriage and the Assault on Evolutionary Science in the USA: A historical reexamination of Goldstein and Avery's Socialism: The Nation of Fatherless Children (1903). Carl Weinberg, DePauw University, Greencastle, Indiana.

Third Session Friday 6 October, 9:30
The exercise of power
Presentation by Monika Pisankaneva, Sofia.

Marriage in Twentieth Century Russia: Traditional Precepts and Innovative Experiments
Natalia Pushkareva, Russian Academy of Sciences.

Searching for the Ideal Couple. Promoted models of Engagement and Marrying in Polish People's Republic (1945-1989)
Barbara Klich, Jagiellonian University in Krakow.

Ideological Model of the Family and its Crisis in Socialist Bulgaria
Elena Stoykova, Sofia University.

Conditions du divorce et nature du lien matrimonial en droit socialiste: le consentement mutuel dans les débats juridiques et parlementaires hongrois (1952-1974)
Veronika Nagy, EHESS, Paris.

Defending Sexual Honor vs. Defending Socialism? The Age of Marital Consent as a Weapon of the Cold War in 1950s East Germany
Erik Huneke, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

Fourth Session Friday 6 October, 14:00
Same-sex marriage and socialism
Presentation: Gert Hekma, University of Amsterdam.

Socialism and Marriage in Buenos Aires, 1880-1905
Pablo Ben, University of Chicago.

Same-sex marriage in Spain
Raquel Platero, Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Same-sex couples, civil marriage and the socialists in Belgium
David Paternotte, FNRS/Université libre de Bruxelles.

Le mariage du subalterne
Marco Dell'Omodarme, université Paris I: Centre d'Études sur le Pragmatisme et la Philosophie Analytique.

Same-sex marriage and the European neo-liberal agenda
Peter Drucker, Amsterdam.

Critique of the U.S. left regarding same-sex marriage
David Thorstad, NY.

Just Married
Réne Schérer.

Saturday 7 October 10:00

Synthèse des rapporteurs, débats sur une éventuelle publication et sur l'organisation des sessions à venir de Socialisme et Sexualité.

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Socialism and Sexuality

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