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1600-1700: Subdued Freedom I
Publicatie van het Hof
Publicatie van het Hof / jegens het drucken en spargeeren van Pasquillen / Resolutien / Missiven / Ec.; Den Haag, 18 mei
[Publication of the Court against the printing and distribution of Pasquinades / Resolutions / Missives. Ec.; The Hague, 18 May 1657]

This edict was issued in the name of the President and the States of Holland, Zeeland and Friesland in 1657. It had been preceded by various other edicts with a similar content - obviously without the desired result. Indeed, every day "eenige curieuse, nieusgierige, ongeruste ende woelende Persoonen" [some strange, curious, restive and turbulent persons]... were still printing and distributing... "argerlijcke Boeckskens, Pasquillen ende Gedighten, mitsgaders Propositien, Resolutien, Missiven ende andere Geschriften behelsende saaken van Staat" [invidious books, pasquinades and poems, as well as propositions, resolutions, missives and other texts regarding matters of state]. Those who nonetheless printed and/or sold such texts would be fined and punished, according to the edict.

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