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1600-1700: Subdued Freedom I
Verantwoordingh van de vvettelijcke regieringh
Verantwoordingh van de vvettelijcke regieringh van Hollandt ende VVest-Vrieslant, midtsgaders eenigher nabuyrighe provincien, sulckx die was...
[Hoorn, Isaak Willemszoon, november
[Account of the legal government of Holland and of West Friesland, together with some other neighbouring provinces, such as were...]

Following the coup d'état by Prince Maurice in August 1618, Hugo Grotius (1583-1645), together with Johan van Oldenbarnevelt, Rombout Hoogerbeets and Gilles van Leedenberch, was arrested on suspicion of high treason. In June 1619 Grotius was transferred to Loevestein Castle. On 22 March 1621 he managed to escape, hidden in a book chest, and travelled via Antwerp to Paris. From Paris he sent the manuscript of the Verantwoordingh to the French envoy in The Hague. The first attempt to print it, in Amsterdam, led to its being seized by the bailiff. Finally, Isaak Willemszoon of the town of Hoorn printed it in November 1622. Quite quickly, on 24 November 1622, the tract was banned by the States-General who claimed it was insulting to the government and Prince Maurice, and would foment disobedience.
In a little over three weeks some 1,500 copies were sold; only a few were confiscated.
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