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1600-1700: Subdued Freedom I
Gulden legende Van den Nieuwen St. Jan
Gulden legende Van den Nieuwen St. Jan...
[Golden legend of the New St. John...]

This is a pamphlet against the Grand Pensionary Johan van Oldenbarnevelt (1547-1619), with imputations against his character and honesty. Following the coup d'état by Prince Maurice in August 1618, Van Oldenbarnevelt, together with Hugo Grotius, Rombout Hoogerbeets and Gilles van Leedenberch, was arrested on suspicion of high treason. Van Oldenbarnevelt was sentenced to death for this offence on 12 May 1619 and beheaded a day later.
The States of Holland ordered the pamphlet to be withdrawn on 6 November 1618.
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PM 8863