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    • Alis Guggenheim Swiss Jewish communist sculptor and painter (1896-1958).
    • Australian Women's Art Register An archive and repository of slides, published material and other written sources documenting Australian women artists, their art practice, their images and their writings. A diverse range of media and art disciplines, including craft, design, photography, installation, are represented in the archive, as well as various styles and all eras from the Victorian period. The Register is located at the Richmond (formerly Carringbush) Library in Melbourne.
    • Beyond the Picket Fence Australian women's art in the National Library of Australia. Web version of an exhibition which was held from 8th March to 4th June 1995. Many reproductions - in two formats, with explanatory texts - of drawings, paintings, prints and photographs from the late eighteenth to the late twentieth century.
    • Canadian Women Artists History Initiative The CWAHI aims to bring scholars together to research art made by women in Canada prior to 1967. The website provides information about CWAHI activities and conferences, their Documentation Centre, links to the Historical Canadian Women Artists Bio-bibliographic Database and other resources.
    • Elisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun Painter (1755-1842)
    • Emily Carr (1871-1945) Web site devoted to the life and works of Canadian artist Emily Carr; from the Vancouver Art Gallery. It uses the Macromedia Flash Player, but An alternative non-Flash, non-Javascript version is also available.
    • Identity by design: Tradition, Change and Celebration in Native Women’s Dresses Online exhibit from the National Museum of the American Indian
    • Maria Sibylla Merian Artist and natural historian (1647-1717) who painted the flora and fauna of Surinam. This anonymous website contains biographical information in German and English, and images of illustrations from the books she published. See also Women and Nature: Maria Sibylla Merian, Special Collections, University of Wisconsin-Madison.
    • Mary Cassatt. Modern Woman Online exhibition of works by the American Impressionist painter Cassatt (1844-1926), Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.
    • Mary Reynolds Collection--Art Institute of Chicago Site devoted to Mary Reynolds (1891-1950) and her collection of book bindings, rare books, journals, and other ephemera located in Ryerson and Burnham Libraries, The Art Institute of Chicago.
    • National Museum of Women in the Arts (Washington, D.C.) The only museum in the world dedicated exclusively to the exhibition, preservation, and acquisition of works by women artists of all nationalities and periods.
    • On Artemisia Gentileschi Modest web resource put together in response to the movie Artemisia, directed by Agnes Merlet. It contains a reprint of an evaluation of the problems written in part by Mary Garrard, and some links to Web sites on the movie, on Artemisia Gentileschi, and on women artists active before 1900.
    • The Chairman Smiles Online exhibition includes posters designed by women: Soviet designers Vera Adamnova Gitsevich, Valentina Nikiforovna Kulagina and A. Kuznetsova, and Cuban designers Eufemia Alvarez and Elena Serrano.
    • WACK! Art and the Feminist Revolution This first comprehensive, historical exhibition to examine the international foundations and legacy of feminist art focuses on the crucial period 1965–80. The WACKsite, its 'community driven' componen, will remain online.
    • Women Artists Self-portraits and representations of womanhood by women artists from the medieval period to the present. A companion site deals with women artists of the 20th century. By Patricia Lin, at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, California
    • Women Artists Links to images of 850 women artists and works of art, from all historical periods. At the Artcyclopedia website.
    • Women Artists Archives National Directory WAAND A web directory to archival collections of primary source materials by and about women visual artists and women's visual arts organizations since 1945, developed by the Rutgers University Libraries.
    Aviation & Space
    Jewish Women
    Labour History
    • AFSCME LaborLinks: Women's Labor History The American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) has posted on their Website a directory of websites devoted to - mainly American - women's labor history. This includes a number of sites on famous women agitators and labor advocates including Mary Kenney O'Sullivan (co-founder of the Women's Trade Union League), Florence Kelley (who agitated for reform of the women's sweatshops of Chicago), Jane Addams, Mother Jones, and others. Historical sites dedicated to key periods in women's labor history are also listed as well as a section of general women's labor history links.
    • Annotated Bibliography on Women's Hats and the Millinery Trade 1840-1940 by Christina Bates; English and American titles; at Civilization.ca, a Canadian site.
    • Berneri - Marie Louise Berneri 1918-1949 Online article from LibCom
    • Bibliography on the Garment Industry Entrepreneurship in the garment industry - particularly in its golden age, from 1860 to 1975 - was a crucial element not only in the history of New York City's economy (and the U.S. economy), but also in its social history and the rise of the Jewish middle class. Yet while the labor side of this rich industrial history has been well told, surprisingly little has been written about the business side. A bibliography, primarily intended for use by business historians interested in pursuing scholarship in this fertile field, is now available, compiled by Shirley Idelson. It includes primary and secondary sources on traditional business concerns such as manufacturing, retail, entrepreneurship and management as well as related topics like immigration, fashion, labor, and gender.
    • Cantinières and Vivandières of the French Army Cantinières and vivandières were women who served as official auxiliary personnel to French (and other) army combat units from early modern times until about the time of World War One. Their official task was to sell food and drink to the soldiers of their regiment to supplement the always inadequate army rations. On this site Thomas Cardoza provides information about cantinières and vivandières focusing specifically on cantinières and vivandières of the French army, but also on cantinières and vivandières from other countries and cantinières serving such non-military entities as the sapeurs-pompiers (firefighters).
    • Clara Collet 1860-1948 Collet's relations with Karl Marx, novelist George Gissing and others, and her work for Charles Booth, collecting statistics in the East End of London for his work Life and Labour; from the Victorian Web.
    • Clara Zetkin Brief biography of this Marxist writer (1857-1933) and a few texts on socialism and the emancipation of women. From the Marxist Internet Archive.
    • Frauen machen Geschichte: Frauenakademie des Renner-Institut Online course materials on the history of women's rights and social democracy in Austria; compiled by Angelika Zach.
    • Frauen tragen die eine Hälfte des Himmels Online publications and documents on German gender politics and the women's movement, at the library of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung website.
    • From Erosion Control to Food Crisis Management - Changing gender divisions of labor in a Philippine upland village By Babette P. Resurreccion (2000, CLARA Working Paper, PDF) Downloadable from the CLARA Working Papers on Asian Labour series, 2000.
    • Gender & Work Database A searchable database ("library") of over 2000 citations of, or links to journal articles, books, sections of bookspapers, and grey literature. At York University, Canada.
    • Gender Issues in Contemporary Industrialization An annotated bibliography by Diane Elson and Caroline Wright (Winword 6 file)
    • Gender Studies in Agriculture Searchable database. AGRALIN, Wageningen Agricultural University, Netherlands.
    • Girls fight for a living Online exhibition. Photographs with descriptions of women in several occupations: industrial work, journalism, the arts, the military, social reform work, and jobs they took over from the men who were fighting in World War II, including Baseball. From the University of Louisville Special Collections: Rare Books.
    • Goldman - A Dozen Pictures of Emma Goldman In 1938 Emma Goldman deposited her archive at the International Institute of Social History. A dozen portraits of Goldman, originating from her archive as well as other anarchist collections at the IISH, can be viewed.
    • Goldman - Emma Goldman Online exhibition at the Jewish Women's Archive Website.
    • Goldman - Emma Goldman From The American Experience, PBS. Film description, program transcript, access to some primary sources, a list of books, articles, and Web sites, a timeline, biographies of contemporaries, teacher's guide and more
    • Goldman - Emma Goldman Online Exhibition At the University of California at Berkeley: a supplement to the Emma Goldman Papers Project
    • Goldman - Emma Goldman Papers Project Biographical and bibliographical data, finding aids, online exhibition and sample documents relating to the Russian-American anarchist; at the University of California at Berkeley.
    • Human Factor: 1920s and 1930s Industrial Photography Exhibit at Harvard Business School's Historical Collections The introductory exhibition and web site include a selection from the over 2,100 images that comprise the Industrial Life Photograph Collection, featuring the work of such artists as Margaret Bourke-White and Lewis Hine.
    • Illinois Labor History Society Bibliography: Women's Labor History A small list of books; see also the list of Labor History Articles, http://www.kentlaw.edu/ilhs/articles.htm for more women trade unionists.
    • Kate Sharpley Library (London) Named in honour of Kate Sharpley, a First World War anarchist and anti-war activist, the Library was founded in South London in 1979 and reorganized in 1991. Its holdings include 10,000 English language books, pamphlets and periodicals on anarchism; a collection of posters, leaflets, manuscripts, letters, and internal records, including reports from the IWA (AIT/IAA), the Anarchist Federation of Britain (1945-1950), the Syndicalist Workers Federation (1950-1979), Cienfuegos Press, and ASP.
    • Kheel Center Labor Photos The Kheel Center for Labor-Management Documentation and Archives' collections contain about 350,000 images that document labor history in the 20th century. The International Ladies Garment Workers Union ILGWU photographs (1885-1985), are now searchable at the Kheel Center website.
    • Maitron. Site d'histoire sociale Le Maitron is a French social history website named after Jean Maitron, initiator of the Dictionnaire biographique du mouvement ouvrier français. The section Les dictionnaires biographiques contains complete articles from the Maitron on George Sand, Flora Tristan and Paule Mink. The Histoire sociale: textes et images section has documents related to child and young girls' labour, and women in the teachers' trade union organizations.
    • Marxists Internet Archive This large collection includes texts by and biographies of Rosa Luxemburg, Raya Dunayevskaya, Alexandra Kollontai, Eleanor Marx, Emma Goldman, Helen Keller, and others. A separate section of the site is devoted to Women and Marxism, with texts by forty different authors on women's issues; also presented are works of fiction and poetry, and links to sources for the history of women's suffrage, women and labour history and women and the Spanish Civil War.
    • Memory Hole Website devoted to individualist anarchism, currently hosted on the 'Pierre J. Proudhon Memorial Computer'. Includes an index to Benjamin Tucker's Liberty (see under 'Individualist Anarchism') and a page devoted to Anarchism and Feminism, both by Wendy McElroy.
    • Michel - Louise Michel A selection of papers and pictures documenting the life of this remarkable woman: communarde, determined revolutionary, and romantic writer.
    • Organizaciones de mujeres An overview of the collection of women's political and trade union organizations in the Archivo histórico PCE, the historical archives of the Spanish communist party, at the website of the Fundación de Investigaciones Marxistas (FIM).
    • Parsons - Lucy Parsons (1853-1942) Activist who played a crucial role in the worker's movements in Chicago. She helped found the International Working People's Association (IWPA), an anarchist-influenced labor organization that promoted revolutionary direct action towards a stateless and cooperative society and insisted on the equality of people of color and women. A small biography by by Joe Lowndes.
    • Parsons - Lucy Parsons Archive Biographical and bibliographical information from the Anarchy Archives.
    • Race, Gender, Class Bibliography "The first, unique bibliography which contains items ONLY if they emphasize the three dimensions of race, gender, and class in their discourse and analysis", compiled by Jean Ait Amber Belkhir, and published on the website of the American Sociological Association.
    • Sources for Women's and Gender History in IALHI-Member Institutions Links to guides and other descriptions of source materials related to women's and gender history in archives, libraries, document centres, museums and research institutions specializing in the history and theory of the labour movement.
    • Sources in U.S. Women's Labor History A finding guide for research materials on the history of American women and labor at the Tamiment Institute Library and Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives, NYC.
    • Tanaka Sigeto's Homepage at Osaka University. Electronic papers on changes in the sexual division of labour in Japan.
    • The Economic Position of Women in Asia By Xin Meng (1998, CLARA Working Paper, PDF). Downloadable from the CLARA Working Papers on Asian Labour series.
    • The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire March 25, 1911 Online exhibition presented by the Kheel Center for Labor-Management Documentation and Archives at Cornell University in cooperation with the Union of Needletrades, Industrial and Textile Employees (UNITE!). Many of the Triangle factory workers were women.
    • Tobacco Bag Stringing in North Carolina and Virginia This website presents images and text from a report in the North Carolina Collection at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill documenting tobacco bag stringing work in North Carolina and Virginia in 1939.
    • U.S. Department Of Labor - Women's Bureau Home Page This site also contains online special reports and statistics.
    • US Women & Labor: Links to Internet Resources Resources to track down information on U.S. women and labour via the World Wide Web. Listed here alphabetically are links to major libraries and archives, government offices, unions, and other organizations, informational sites on women's history and labour history, and finding guides for the web. From the Tamiment Institute Library and Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives.
    • Vie quotidienne et Mémoire collective en Pays horloger An oral history study of the Swiss watchmaking industry by Laurence Court (1995). Of the thirteen persons interviewed, seven are women.
    • Winning Equal Pay: the value of women's work A partnership initiative between London Metropolitan University and the Trades Union Congress to record the long campaign to achieve equal pay for women. This interactive website will show filmed interviews with women who fought for equal pay, digitised images and documents, plus contributions from historians and other experts.
    • Women and Social Movements This is the editorial website for 'Women and Social Movements in the United States, 1600-2000' (WASM). It offers access to selected materials on WASM and guidelines for prospective contributors. About a fourth of the projects on Women and Social Movements remain freely available. The site also has a Teachers Corner, and links to related projects.
    • Women in the U.S. Postal System An online exhibit created by the National Postal Museum that takes a close look at the role that women have played in the United States Post Office.
    • Women Working in the United States, 1800-1930 This site provides access to digitized historical, manuscript, and image resources selected from Harvard's library and museum collections. Featuring ca. 500,000 pages and images documenting women's roles in the U.S. economy between 1800 and the Great Depression.
    • Women's Work in the Long 19th Century Resources for students and teachers interested in studying women's work in the United States, 1780-1920. Syllabus, course materials, and a student-produced list of external links at Kennesaw State University, GA.
    • Women's Work: Gender and Labour Relations in Malaysia by Amarjit Kaur. Downloadable PDF file from the CLARA Working Papers on Asian Labour series.
    • Working Class Movement Library Salford, England. The library has a number of significant collections on the history of working women including archives from the cooperative movement, the suffragettes and suffragists, women in the labour party and the feminist movement of the 1970s.
    • Working Lives Short biographies of Rhoda Stuart and ten other Australian women labour activists. Part of a website promoting innovative research into the role of the individual in labour and social history.
    Lesbian Women
    Medicine & Nursing
    Men, Masculinity
    Migration, Ethnic Relations, Exile
    • American Women and the World War II Experience This guide serves as an introduction to online and print sources covering the experiences of American women during World War II. By Jennifer Broberg, at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
    • Cantinières and Vivandières of the French Army Cantinières and vivandières were women who served as official auxiliary personnel to French (and other) army combat units from early modern times until about the time of World War One. Their official task was to sell food and drink to the soldiers of their regiment to supplement the always inadequate army rations. On this site Thomas Cardoza provides information about cantinières and vivandières focusing specifically on cantinières and vivandières of the French army, but also on cantinières and vivandières from other countries and cantinières serving such non-military entities as the sapeurs-pompiers (firefighters).
    • Kenau Simonsdochter Hasselaer (1526-1588) Biography of Kenau Hasselaer, business woman and legendary defender of the city of Haarlem against Spanish troops (1572-1573). Text, in Dutch, by Els Kloek.
    • Minerva Center An educational foundation for the study of women and the military and women in war. Runs H-MINERVA Discussion Network, published Minerva: Quarterly Report on Women and the Military a journal now renamed Women and War; launching the Minerva Society for the Study of Women and War (MSSWW) in 2007. The website features bibliographies of women and the military in history.
    • Minerva Journal of Women and War A multidisciplinary journal which welcomes submissions pertaining to the relationship of women to war and the role of gender in the armed services around the world. This new journal replaces Minerva: Quarterly Report on Women and the Military.
    • Of Love and War This online version of an Australian War Memorial exhibition looks at the impact of war on the lives of Australian servicemen and women, the lovers they left behind or those they met while serving. Visitors can contribute using Flickr Commons and a Blog.
    • Oorlogsliefdekind Nederlands-Indië - Indonesië ('War Love Child'). During the Indonesian war of independence, Dutch soldiers had relationships with Indonesian girls and fathered children with them. After Indonesia gained independence, and the troops went home an unknown number of Dutch-Indonesian children stayed behind with their mothers in the new Indonesia. Read about these children, their mothers and fathers. The texts are in Dutch but English and Indonesian versions will be provided.
    • The American Experience: Fly Girls Website devoted to the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASPS), who signed up to fly with the U.S. military during World War II. Wives, mothers, actresses and debutantes joined the test-piloted aircraft, ferried planes and logged 60 million miles in the air. The site contains interview transcripts, a bibliography, transcrips of documents and letters, a WASP timeline 1937-1979, maps, and other resources.
    • Women Warriors of Japan. The Role of the Arms-Bearing Women in Japanese History Online article by Ellis Amdur.
    • Women's Services, First World War A Research Guide from the UK National Archives.
    • Early Women Composers This site provides an webring overview, a chronology and CD discography, MIDI soundfiles, relevant weblinks and other resources. Accompanying illustrations, some by women artists such as Artemisia Gentileschi and Judith Leyster, show men and women making music.
    • Fondazione Adkins Chiti: Donne in Musica The International Adkins Chiti Women in Music Foundation organises festivals, concert series, exhibitions, research projects, publications, conventions, and master classes. Its library and archives in Fiuggi and Rome house over 32 thousand scores of women’s music and and over 15 thousand CD titles of music by women. The website contains general information about the Foundation and its activities. The database pages are under construction.
    • Hildegard of Bingen A biography, bibliography, and discography.
    • International Alliance for Women in Music (IAWM) website See Resources for many links to online materials about individual historical women musicians, special articles, historical surveys, collections and databases
    • International Alliance for Women in Music Home Page Comprehensive website with many resources for women in music.
    • Kapralova Society A non-profit arts organization based in Toronto, Canada. Its mission is to promote interest in Czech composer Vitezslava Kapralova and other women in music through education, research, and special projects, in collaboration with other organizations. The website contains many resources, including lists of women composers and conductors, and links to other relevant sites.
    • Lea Gilmore's - It's A Girl Thang! Women in the Blues - past and present - interviews, biographies, and links.
    • Marian Anderson: A Life in Song Online exhibition celebrating the artistic development and musical career of American contralto Marian Anderson (1897-1993) presented by the University of Pennsylvania.
    • Mrs. H.H.A. Beach, New Hampshire Composer A short biography of pianist and composer Amy Beach (1867-1944). With a complete listing of the University of New Hampshire's Mrs. H.H.A. Beach Collection.
    • Women of Note: Celebrating two hundred and fifty years of music by women Online article by Diana Ambache in which she discusses her work researching music by women of the last 250 years, and the process of getting it recognised and returned to the standard repertoire.
    Science & Engineering
    • 4000 Years of Women in Science Biographies of more than 125 women scientists, a bibliography and some pictures. At the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Alabama.
    • Archives of Women in Science and Engineering At Iowa State University. The collection includes personal and professional papers of women and women's organizations in all areas of the sciences and engineering, except that of the medical sciences. General information, a guide to the collection, a bibliography of secondary sources, and a list of related web links.
    • Camping With the Sioux: Fieldwork Diary of Alice Cunningham Fletcher This online edition of Alice Fletcher's 1881 diary includes a transcript of her ethnographic field notes, reproductions of her sketches of Native American life, and photographs of Nebraska and South Dakota. Alice Fletcher (1838-1923) was the first American woman anthropologist. From the National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Institution.
    • Celebrating Women Anthropologists A website structured around the 31 days of March: Women's History Month. Brief biographies, bibliographies, and pictures of Margaret Mead, Ruth Benedict, Hortense Powdermaker, and other American anthropologists; at the University of South Florida.
    • Contributions of 20th Century Women to Physics A website presenting and documenting contributions made before 1976 by 83 women in the 20th century. These are documented by the original papers in which the discoveries were first reported. In addition there are historical essays and other historical documents not easily available elsewhere. At the University of California at Los Angeles.
    • Gertrude Bell Project, The Letters, diaries and photographs taken by traveller and Arabist Gertrude Bell, and digitized by the University of Newcastle.
    • Margaret Mead: Human Nature and the Power of Culture Online exhibition to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Mead's birth (December 16 1901). The photographs and letters which are presented here by the Library of Congress are only a small part of the extensive Mead collection in the LC.
    • Maria Mitchell Association | Archives and Special Collections Maria Mitchell was America’s first woman astronomer. Housed in the former schoolhouse of William Mitchell, the Maria Mitchell Association preserves Maria Mitchell's manuscripts, 19th century scientific books, contemporary scientific journals, the personal and professional papers of members of the Mitchell Family, and the records of the Maria Mitchell Association.
    • Maria Sibylla Merian Artist and natural historian (1647-1717) who painted the flora and fauna of Surinam. This anonymous website contains biographical information in German and English, and images of illustrations from the books she published. See also Women and Nature: Maria Sibylla Merian, Special Collections, University of Wisconsin-Madison.
    • Past Notable Women of Computing & Mathematics From the website of the The Ada Project: Supporting Women in Computing.
    • Powering the Electrical Revolution: Women and Technology A section of the IEEE Virtual Museum The history of electricity, electronics, and computers devoted to women and the communications industry, electricity and the housewife, women building the electrical industries, women and computers, and women as engineers.
    • Rachel Carson A website devoted to the life and legacy of Rachel Carson, biologist, writer, ecologist (1907-1964).
    • Trafficking Materials and Gendered Experimental Practices: Radium Research in Early 20th Century Vienna Free online publication based on a doctoral dissertation by Maria Rentetzi.
    • Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering Links collected by Ellen Spertus.
    • Women in the History of American Librarianship Biographical and bibliographical information, by Lisa Bartle. These pages are part of a project at the University of California, Los Angeles in the Department of Library and Information Science in June, 1996. They are the result of a search for women in the history of librarianship.
    • Women Inventors Brief online biographies presented by the Inventors Museum and the Alliance for American Innovation.
    • Women Mathematicians Biographical essays or comments on women mathematicians and some photos. At Agnes Scott College, Atlanta, Georgia.
    Single Women
    • Bear Ye One Another's Burdens: The Girls' Friendly Society 1875-2005 An online exhibition based on the archive of the Girls' Friendly Society (GFS), held at The Women's Library.
    • Filles du Roi These young women of marriageable age and capable of bearing children who settled in New France after the founding of Québec, in 1608, and of Montréal, in 1642, are so called because their transportation and settlement expenses, as well as the dowry for some of them, were assumed by the royal treasury; from the Virtual Museum of New France website.
    • Scholars of Single Women Network Website of a network "for everyone interested in scholarship on single women (any area, any time period)". Resources include syllabi, abstracts, and links.
    • Widowhood among the Igbo of Eastern Nigeria By Chima Jacob Korieh. Online version of thesis, University of Bergen, Norway, 1996
    Theory and Philosophy
    • Bibliography of Feminist Philosophers by Abigail Gosselin: a supplement to the Feminist History of Philosophy by Charlotte Witt; from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
    • Communications Theory / Gender / Identity Resources This collection of resources associated with the socio-cultural concept of identity include bibliographies and links to relevant sites. By David Gauntlett.
    • Feminist Rhetorics Home Page Histories of feminist rhetorics and writing: an experimental graduate course at three sites in the USA. Course information, bibliography and web links.
    • Feminist Theory Website Bibliographical and other information about various fields within feminist theory, national or ethnic feminist movements, and individual feminist theoreticians. The site was created by Kristin Switala and is hosted at Virginia Tech University.
    • Gender & Politics Collection of links to women's political organizations, journals, and other web resources. From the UK Political Studies Association.
    • WSSLinks - Women and Philosophy Web Sites Webguide developed and maintained by the Women's Studies Section of the Association of College and Research Libraries.
    Women's Rights & Suffrage
    • African American Women Writers of the 19th Century A digital collection of more than fifty published works by 19th-century black women writers, with biographies and other background information, from the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture and the New York Public Library.
    • American Women's Dime Novels, 1870-1920 A history of the women's sensational dime novel romance by Felicia L. Carr, at the Center for History and the New Media, George Mason University.
    • Ann Griffiths A website dedicated to the study of the life and work of the Welsh poet and hymn-writer, 1776-1805. It contains an introduction to her life and work, the text of her hymns and letters with English translations, and online access to digitised versions of a wide cross-section of printed and manuscript material; at Cardiff University.
    • Ausgewählte Lyrik deutschsprachiger Dichterinnen Expanding collection of around 800 texts by 33 German speaking women poets from the 17th to the 19th century. With short biographies for every writer. Compiled by Wolf Busch.
    • Ayn Rand Brief online biography.
    • Belle van Zuylen/Madame de Charrière Website devoted to this 18th c. writer who was born in the Netherlands, lived in Switzerland and wrote in French. Digitized letters, works, biographical information, bibliography. Dutch and French text.
    • Bibliographies of Feminist Foremothers From Sunshine for Women. See also their Book Summaries.
    • British Women Playwrights around 1800 Full electronic editions (HTML and PDF), with introductions, of plays by Frances Burney, Hannah Cowley and others. The website also contains related essays, links and a bibliography. General editors: Thomas C. Crochunis and Michael Eberle-Sinatra.
    • British Women Romantic Poets, 1789-1832 An electronic collection of texts from the Shields Library, University of California, Davis.
    • Celebration of Women Writers Extensive lists of women writers from all over the world and from all periods. Many, but not all, entries have links to online biographies, bibliographies and texts.
    • Datenbank Schriftstellerinnen in Deutschland 1945 ff. Database of Women Writers in Germany since 1945. No online access, but general information in German and English, and a form for submitting biographical information for the database. (Bremen, Germany).
    • Domestic Goddesses, aka scribbling women Six Victorian women writers: Louisa May Alcott, Willa Cather, Kate Chopin, Sarah Orne Jewett, Harriet Beecher-Stowe, and Edith Wharton. Essays, biography and related links.
    • Dot City: Dorothy Parker's New York A visual history of Dorothy Parker's life in New York during the period when she was a member of the legendary Algonquin Round Table. Images of the places where she lived, poems with illustrations, and an audio archive (Real Audio) featuring Ms. Parker reading some of her favorite poems. The website is sponsored by the Dorothy Parker Society of New York.
    • Early Modern French Women Writers French-language texts by women writers of the 15th-17th centuries including Christine de Pizan, Diane de Poitiers, Louise Labé, Madeleine de Scudéry, Marguerite de Navarre, Marie de Gournay, and Pernette du Guillet; biographies, images, publication histories and a list of secondary studies. A Women's Studies Digitization Project at the Wilson Library's Electronic Text Research Center, University of Minnesota.
    • Femmes écrivains et littérature africaine Website devoted to African women writers writing in French, English, Portugese, Spanish and African. Biographical and bibliographical information, interviews (1973-2002), a selection of recommended readings, and more than sixty unpublished short stories, poems and other texts. Two bibliographies of African women authors writing in English and Portuguese are available, the latter introduced by Dr. Tony Simoes da Silva. A list of publishing houses located in Africa is also available. From the University of Western Australia Faculty of Arts.
    • Gender Inn Homepage A searchable database providing access to over 8,300 records pertaining to feminist theory, feminist literary criticism and gender studies focusing on English and American literature, at the university of Cologne, Germany.
    • Germaine de Staël Society for Revolutionary and Romantic Studies An Allied Organization of the American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies American Council of Learned Scholars
    • Grupo de Estudios sobre la Mujer en España y las Américas (pre-1800) GEMELA GEMELA strives to unite scholars across traditional disciplinary boundaries through its focus on women's cultural production in medieval and early modern Spain and colonial Latin America through 1800; continues the Asociación de Escritoras de España y las Américas (1300-1800) AEEA. General information, mailing list, newsletter, links.
    • Guide to Writings by or about Women in Pre-independent India The Ames Library of South Asia, University of Minnesota. Searchable database.
    • Het Damescompartiment Online Raden Adjeng Kartini, Beata van Helsdingen-Schoevers, Mrs. J.M.C. Kloppenburg-Versteegh, Carry van Bruggen and others. Bibliographies and biographies of colonial Indonesian, Indonesian and Dutch women who wrote about Indonesia in the colonial period. By Vilan van de Loo.
    • Household Words: Women Write from and for the Kitchen Online exhibition and bibliography from the Esther B. Aresty Collection of Rare Books in the Culinary Arts Department of Special Collections, Van Pelt Library, University of Pennsylvania.
    • International Marie de France Society Links to information about Marie de France at the International Marie de France Society webpages.
    • International Virginia Woolf Society General information about the Society and its activities, online bibliographies, links to Virginia Woolf source materials and other Virginia Woolf societies; at the University of Toronto.
    • Maine Women Writers Collection - University of New England Libraries The Maine Women Writers Collection, Abplanalp Library, Westbrook College Campus of the University of New England, is a special collection of published and non-published literary, cultural and social history sources, by and about women authors. Among them are Rachel Carson, May Sarton, and Harriet Beecher Stowe. The site has lots of information, including online finding aids and access to the UNE Libraries catalogue.
    • Margaret Cavendish Society Website An international organization. The site contains current and past newsletters, contacts, information on joining the Society, images, conference details and links to bibliographies, books, e-text and related sites.
    • Margaret Fuller Society A non-profit educational organization founded to stimulate interest in the life and writings of Margaret Fuller and to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and information among Fuller scholars and other interested persons. Genral information, biography, bibliography, a few online articles on Fuller.
    • Marsden - Dora Marsden (1882-1960) British writer, editor of avantgarde literary journals, feminist and anarchist. Online article by Bernd Laska in German and English.
    • Medieval Women Writers Educational site on Medieval Women who wrote in Latin and French. It includes excerpts from the Itinerarium Egeriae, Constantia's letter to Baldericus, and a text by Hrotsvit of Gandersheim. Texts by Christine de Pizan, excerpts from Medieval French and Occitan women writers, an annotated Vulgar Latin Grammar, selected songs of the trobaritz and Marie de France will be added. It will also include links to other relevant sites, images, audio recordings of music and readings.
    • Ming Ching Women's Writings The McGill-Harvard-Yenching library Ming-Qing Women’s Writings Digitization Project is a joint project supported by McGill University and Harvard-Yenching Library, which is purposed to offer all researchers and students digital information on approximately 90 titles of women’s writings currently held in the Yenching Library, mainly published during the Ming and Qing dynasties of China, from 1368 to 1923.
    • Oscholars A website dedicated to interdisciplinary fin de siècle studies and particularly to Oscar Wilde's work and circle; home to Latchkey, Journal of New Woman studies, and The Michaelian, dedicated to scholarship on Katharine Harris Bradley and Edith Emma Cooper, poets who published under the name 'Michael Field'.
    • Perdita Project, The An online guide to over 400 manuscript compilations in collections around the world of early modern women's writing; from the Raymond Williams Centre for Research at Nottingham Trent University.
    • Società italiana delle Letterate Italian association for women's comparative literature. Information in Italian.
    • Société des études staëliennes Information about this society for the study of the life and work of Madame de Staël and other writers of the Groupe de Coppet; large online bibliographies, biograpical notes, conferences, and book announcements, all in French.
    • Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz from the Golden Age Spanish sonnets project. Poems in the original Spanish and translations by Alix Ingber, bibliography and links to other resources.
    • Tema Female Writers Bibliographical and biographical information on Swedish and other Scandinavian women writers. Part of the Project Runeberg: Nordic Literature on the Internet.
    • Texts by Madame Blavatsky From the Theosophical University Press Online: The Theosophical Society.
    • The Brown University Women Writers Project A collection of pre-Victorian (1400-1850) literature written by women. General project information and a list of authors. To access the resources a subscription is needed.
    • The Century of the Child (1900), by Swedish feminist Ellen Key (1849-1926), full text at the University of Nijmegen.
    • The Emory Women Writers Project Resource Project A collection of edited and unedited texts by women writing in English, 17th-19th c.
    • The Hannah Arendt Papers at the Library of Congress The papers of the author, educator, and political philosopher Hannah Arendt (1906-1975) located in the Manuscript Division at the Library of Congress have been digitized and are available to researchers in reading rooms at the Library of Congress, the New School University in New York City, and the Hannah Arendt Center at the University of Oldenburg, Germany. Parts of the collection and the finding aid are available for public access on the Internet.
    • The Literature of Prescription: Charlotte Perkins Gilman and 'The Yellow Wall-Paper' This National Library of Medicine website provides an online exhibition of biographical materials on Perkins Gilman and a PDF of the story in its original form that first appeared in 1892 in The New England Magazine.
    • The novels of Isabelle de Charrière (1740-1805) (Belle van Zuylen). Slightly revised electronic version of a dissertation by Dennis Wood (1975).
    • The Orlando Project. An Integrated History of Women's Writing in the British Isles General project information.
    • The Victorian Women Writers' Letters Project aims to make available through electronic publication the correspondences of early to mid-Victorian British women writers. This website by Katharine Patterson now gives access to an online bibliographical database of the letters of Anna Jameson. Records of the letters of Harriet Martineau and some of the complete letter texts will be added.
    • The Zora Neale Hurston Plays at the Library of Congress A selection of ten plays written by Hurston (1891-1960), author, anthropologist, and folklorist. The plays reflect Hurston's life experience, travels, and research, especially her study of folklore in the African-American South. At the American Memory Web site.
    • Victorian Women Writers Project Transcriptions of works by 19th-century British women writers freely available through the WWW.
    • Virginia Woolf, A Eulogy to Words A seven minute excerpt of a radio feature recorded by the BBC in 1937 [RealPlayer]
    • Willa Cather Archive Digital editions of Cather texts and scholarship, a guide to her letters, biographies, digitized images, bibliography and resources for scholars and teachers. At the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
    • Women Lecturers in Melbourne, Australia 1880-1905 Women's names from the classified advertisement columns headed 'Meetings & Lectures' of The Age newspaper in Melbourne, Australia, for the period 1880-1905. There were many women involved in public life at the time, and yet little has been written about many of them. The list of names and the subjects on which the women spoke was compiled by Helen D. Harris.
    • Women Writers Archive A website on early modern women's writing. The site contains links, biographical information, and critical resources on Anne Southwell, Elizabeth Egerton, Jane Cavendish, Margaret Cavendish, and Katherine Philips, maintained by Emily Smith.
    • Women Writers' Networks This website addresses students, researchers and others interested in women’s writing. It presents and invites research on women's writing (before 1900) made possible by the database WomenWriters.
    • Women's Travel Writing, 1830-1930 Texts by women travellers from and to the United States, as well as selected American and European women travellers to non-Western areas. Primary texts (some are password protected), a bibliographic survey, biographies, images, maps, publication histories, and secondary studies on women's travel. A Women's Studies Digitization Project at the Wilson Library's Electronic Text Research Center, University of Minnesota.
    • Women's Writing An international journal focusing on women's writing up to the end of the long nineteenth century.

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