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  • Digitaal Vrouwenlexicon van Nederland (DVN) The website of the Online Dictionary of Dutch Women at present contains 750 completed biographies, a list of a thousand women who will be included in the Dictionary, and information about the project. (Dutch text.)

  • Archives and Libraries

    Research Institutions

    • Centre for Gender and Diversity The Centre was established at the University of Maastricht, the Netherlands, to provide an institutional basis for the scattered tuition and research activities in the field of Women Studies at the various faculties. Its website contains general information in Dutch and English.
    • Homepage Nederlandse Onderzoekschool Vrouwenstudies (NOV) Netherlands Research School of Women's Studies, Utrecht, Netherlands. Information in English.
    • Institute for Gender Studies, Radboud University Nijmegen The Netherlands. General information in Dutch and English on the Institute's courses, research program and documentation centre; access to its online catalogue.
    • Mr. A. de Graaf Stichting The Mr A. de Graaf Foundation is the Dutch national centre for research, documentation, public information, policy development and advice on the issue of prostitution and related phenomena. Information on the foundation's activities, online catalogue.

    Associations and Societies


    Special Topics

    • Aletta Jacobs online Aletta Jacobs was de first female medical doctor in the Netherlands. She was also pacifist and a campaigner for women's suffrage. She worked for the International Woman Suffrage Alliance (IWSA) and travelled with Carrie Chapman Catt to support women to get the vote in Europe, Africa and Asia. This new website offers biographical, documentary, and bibliographical information, photographs, a timeline and some related information. A short biography and a history of Jacobs papers are available in English.
    • Haar geschiedenis Interactive "herstory" website for Dutch women with a Moroccan, Surinam or Indonesian background.
    • Het Damescompartiment Online Raden Adjeng Kartini, Beata van Helsdingen-Schoevers, Mrs. J.M.C. Kloppenburg-Versteegh, Carry van Bruggen and others. Bibliographies and biographies of colonial Indonesian, Indonesian and Dutch women who wrote about Indonesia in the colonial period. By Vilan van de Loo.
    • International Homo/Lesbian Informationcenter and Archives (IHLIA) An organization with two branches: Homodok-Lesbisch Archief (Amsterdam) and Anna Blaman Huis (Leeuwarden). General information in Dutch and English, online catalogues of the main collections and the reconstructed Schorer library.
    • Lesbisch Archief Nijmegen Lesbian Archive Nijmegen, Netherlands. General information in Dutch.
    • Nurses from Surinam Photos from the private albums of Surinamese women who came to Holland in the 1950s to become nurses; from the Historical Image Archive on Migrants (Dutch text).
    • Oorlogsliefdekind Nederlands-IndiŽ - IndonesiŽ ('War Love Child'). During the Indonesian war of independence, Dutch soldiers had relationships with Indonesian girls and fathered children with them. After Indonesia gained independence, and the troops went home an unknown number of Dutch-Indonesian children stayed behind with their mothers in the new Indonesia. Read about these children, their mothers and fathers. The texts are in Dutch but English and Indonesian versions will be provided.
    • Venus minsieke gasthuis. Over seksuele attitudes in de achttiende eeuwse Republiek Online article on sexual attitudes in the eigthteenth-century Dutch Republic by Herman Roodenburg. With a summary in English.
    • Vrouwentijdschriften Website showing and documenting Dutch women's magazines in the collections of the Netherlands Press Museum, the International Institute of Social History, the International Information Centre and Archive for the Women's Movement, and the Netherlands Economic History Archive; Dutch text only.

    Discussion Lists

    • Kenau Discussion list for women's and gender history in the Netherlands and Belgium. Subscription information in Dutch.


Last updated 11 February 2013