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  • Storia delle donne Website for women's history in Italy. Links to mainly Italian institutional websites: archives, libraries, university courses, scholarships etc.

  • Archives and Libraries

    • Archivi aderenti alla Rete Lilith The website of the Unione femminile nazionale has a list of links to women's archival institutions' websites in Italy and other online resources.
    • Archivi Riuniti delle Donne Lost (Milano). The United Women's Archives is an association aiming at safeguarding primary sources for women's history and promoting research and education in this field. It houses the records of the Unione Femminile Nazionale and the collections of the Fondazione Elvira Badaracco, including those of the Fondo del Centro studi storici sul Movimento di liberazione della donna in Italia. Homepage in Italian.
    • Archivio Centrale dell'Unione Donne in Italia (UDI) (Rome)
    • Associazione Archivio per la memoria e la scrittura delle donne The aim of the Association is to list women's archives and writings by women in Tuscany from the 16th century to the present, to acquire such collections, and to make them available for research. The Association closely cooperates with the State Archive of Florence. The site has information in Italian on the history and activities of the Association, biographies of several individuals and collection information, and links to other Italian documentary institutions and resources.
    • Biblioteca Italiana delle Donne (Bologna). Information on the collections in Italian and English, online catalog.
    • Fondazione Istituto Gramsci The collections include the archive of the women's section of the PCI, the papers of Rita Majerotti, Franca Pieroni Bortolotti, Gisella Floreanini, and writer Sibilla Aleramo.
    • Fondazione Lelio e Lisli Basso: Biblioteca: Fondi speciali: Storia delle donne The collection includes rare publications such as M. Wollstonecraft, A vindication of the rights of woman (London 1792), pamphlets from the French Revolution (Un mot sur le divorce, Paris 1791) and periodicals such as La voix des femmes (Paris 1848) or La difesa delle lavoratrici (Milano, 1912-22).

    Associations and Societies

    • Ceresdonne Centro studi sulla storia e la cultura delle donne. General information in Italian and English.
    • Fondazione Pasquale Valerio per la storia delle Donne Napoli A foundation for the research, the preservation and the publication of sources and documents, starting from those which are kept in Archives and Libraries of Southern Italy. Information in Italian, English and Spanish.
    • Societą italiana delle Letterate Italian association for women's comparative literature. Information in Italian.
    • Societį Italiana delle Storiche (SIS) The website of the Italian Association of Women Historians contains information about its aim, activities, and publications, including the journal Genesis; a bibliography of women's history articles in Italian journals and links to online articles.

    Special Topics


Last updated 11 February 2013