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1600-1700: Subdued Freedom I
Placcaet. Die Staten Generael der Vereenichde Nederlanden...
('s Graven-Haghe, by Hillebrant Iacobsz., [27 augustus]
[Edict. The States-General of the United Netherlands, The Hague, by Hillebrant Iacobsz.]
The Bye-Korf or Beehive is the introduction to a collection of 30 to 40 pieces on the Dutch-Spanish peace negotiations in 1607-8 that ultimately led to the Twelve Years' Truce (1609-21). The Eighty Years' War did not come to an end until 1648.
Most of the pieces in the Bye-Korf criticize the peace with Spain. This was the reason why the States-General banned a number of the texts on 27 August 1608.
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AB E438