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1600-1700: Subdued Freedom I
Dictionnaire historique et critique
Dictionnaire historique et critique. 5me éd., revue, corrigée et augm. Avec la vie de l'auteur, par Des Maizeaux
(Amsterdam etc., Brunel etc.,
[oorspr. 1697], 4 delen
[Historical and Critical Dictionary, 5th edition, reviewed, corrected and augmented. With a life of the author, by Des Maizeaux]

This is the most important work of Pierre Bayle (1647-1706), a French Huguenot who fled to the Netherlands in 1681 and became a professor at the Illustrious College of Rotterdam. Bayle advocated religious tolerance and a strict separation of faith and science. The Dictionnaire historique et critique was originally published in 1697. This attractive, improved version appeared on the market in 1740.
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