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1900-1945: Mass Media and Censorship I
Letter dd. 28 July 1934 to Annie Adama van Scheltema
Dispatch of illegal articles. Letter dd. 28 July
to Annie Adama van Scheltema, library employee of the Historical Economics Library (EHB).
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In 1935 Annie Adama van Scheltema became the first librarian of the IISG. In this letter an anonymous writer informs her circumspectly about sending her an article from the illegal press in Germany and also announces that more illegal articles will be sent and that these will later be explained to her in person. The material was received a few months later, including a photograph of Kampfront, a publication of the 'Communist Workers' Union' (KAU). This is probably the only surviving copy. The KAU was an organization of Council Communists with close links to the Group of International Communists Holland (GIC).
Call number: IISH