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1700-1800: Subdued freedom II
Dictionnaire philosophique, portative
, Dictionnaire philosophique, portatif
[Philosophical dictionary, portative]

Voltaire’s Dictionnaire philosophique, portatif was apparently published in London but in fact the book was printed in Amsterdam by the French-speaking Swiss printer Marc Michel Rey. Rey was a notorious violator of printing-related rules and laws. In Amsterdam he printed many works by Voltaire and Rousseau (who were far from being friends), with both of whom he regularly corresponded.
In 1765 Rey was given a warning for printing banned books. When he continued to do so he was ordered to leave the city. This did not happen, but he did have to pay a fine of 600 guilders.
Voltaire himself surrounded this edition with great secrecy. He told some people that the book had been printed without his knowledge, but revealed to his friends that he knew about Rey’s edition.
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