Individuals or organizations who wish to publish editions of sources, in whatever form, should first contact the Director of the Institute.

Selfmade copies

In general, library and archive material provided in good condition, may be photographed or scanned.
For printing or scanning from microfilm / microfiche equipment is available.
For scanning, copying and printing equipment is available.
See our rates.

To order copies

The Institute has a reproduction section where, for a nominal fee, copies and reproductions can be ordered (xerox copies, photographs, scans, duplicate microfilms).
See our rates.

It is possible to order reproductions by mail or by using the form Enquiries. You will be sent an invoice and instructions for payment.

It is possible to use the IISH search portal - search.iisg.nl to see if we hold a specific publication, poster, or photograph in our collections.

Before ordering reproductions of archival documents, please check the available on-line finding aids of archival collections. See Index of Archives
Please note: Access to some archival collections may be restricted.
We regret that we will not be able to process requests for copying any documents that may be damaged in the process.

In most cases, the IISH does not hold the copyright of the material and does not mediate in matters pertaining to copyright of third parties. See Copyrights.