The IISH collections comprise archive, library and audio-visual material with a thematic emphasis on social and emancipatory movements. The institute holds over 3,000 archives, more than 1,000,000 printed volumes, and an equivalent number of audio-visual items.

Catalogues and Indexes

The collections, some databases, and the IISH-website can be accessed through the IISH search portal - search.iisg.nl - or one of these catalogues and indexes:
• catalogue to find books, periodicals and other printed materials
• index of archives to find short descriptions and inventories
• index of image and sound collections
• documentation collection - introduction to this collection arranged according to country / category.

Themes and Resources

More detailed information, main topics, guides, and digital collections of special regions and themes, such as:

Or see the overview of all themes and resources.


Collection highlights are given special attention.
See also:
• selected new acquisitions
• the item of the day
• virtual exhibitions

Temporarily unavailable

Some collections may be temporarily not available for consultation. This can occur if documents are being reinventorised, receiving conservation treatment, being digitized, due to shortage of stack space, or renovation.
 > > List of temporarily unavailable collections.
For more information on availability of collections please contact the Reading Room staff, .

Use of Collections

• Current exhibitions, items from the collections of IISH / NEHA / Persmuseum / ReclameArsenaal are on loan to several musea.
• Recent publications, every year dozens of books are based on the collections of IISH / NEHA / Persmuseum / ReclameArsenaal.


Read more about our projects: Hope, Hitime, Memory, Collection measurement, Content Mashup.


We welcome supplements to the collections. For donations or deposits please contact one of the collections staff members.

Posters and Cards

Logo SHS Social History Shop - the IISH webshop offers reproductions of 200 posters from the IISH collections
Postcards with images from the collections of the IISH and Persmuseum
E-cards images from the collections of the IISH to send by email


Microfilms of IISH collections