Conducts research and collects data
on the global history of labour,
workers, and labour relations

Other IISH resources and services

Russia: Archives and Restitution, texts and other sources concerning archives in Russia and restitution issues.

Biographical Dictionary of socialism and the workers' movement in the Netherlands

INDOC Database on Indonesian Labour

Middle East & Central Asia, collections, research and congresses (text in Persian)

Turkey department, collections, research and congresses (text in turkish)

E-Cards, images from the IISH collections to send as electronic cards.

Other organizations

The International Institute of Social History is host to the following organizations and institutions:

ArcheoBiblioBase, a Moscow-based directory of Russian archives and archival repositories, in cooperation with Rosarkhiv, the Federal Archival Service of Russia.

BINT Project, the national research program 'Dutch business in the 20th century'.

Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Calcutta

Centrum voor de Geschiedenis van Migranten, centre for the history of migrants.

Chinese Posters, 1925 - Present. Propaganda, Politics, History. Posters from the IISH and Stefan Landsberger's Chinese Propaganda Poster collection.

Dutch Trade Unions in Wartime

Economy and Society of the Low Countries, a research program for the economy and society of the Low Countries before 1850

European Union Archive Network, a project about opening up access to archives across the European Union.

Gosudarstvennaia Obshchestvenno-Politicheskaia Biblioteka (Social-Political State Library) in Moscow, one of the largest labour history collections anywhere.

Historical Demography, website of the International Commission for Historical Demography (ICHD)

Historical Sample of the Netherlands a representative sample of 80.000 people born in the Netherlands 1812-1922.

International Association of Labour History Institutions, the International of labour history archives, libraries and museums.

International Congress of Historical Sciences 2010 (ICHS)

International Social History Committee (ISHC)

Internationale Marx-Engels-Stiftung (IMES), the foundation that continues the publication of the collected works of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels (MEGA 2).

The Israeli Left Archive

LabNet, the European network of labour historians.

LabourAgain, research network on Latin America.

Landelijke Stichting Strijdmuziek, the Dutch Foundation for Political Music (in Dutch)., a website of the International Association of Labour History Institutions (IALHI) presenting Labour History Resources

Lifecourses in context, a collaboratory based on Dutch population registers and censuses (19th and 20th century).

Nederlandsch Economisch-Historisch Archief (Netherlands Economic History Archive), owner of one of the finest collections on international economic and business history.

Persmuseum (Press Museum), the museum of the oldest press in the world (in Dutch).

Het Reclame Arsenaal (The Advertising Arsenal), center for the history of Dutch advertising.

Sephis (South-South Exchange Programme for Research on the History of Development)

Stichting Bedrijfsgeschiedenis

Stichting Vrouwengeschiedenis van de Vroegmoderne Tijd, the Dutch Foundation for Early Modern Women's History.

Tijdschrift voor Sociale en Economische Geschiedenis (TSEG), quarterly magazine for the social and economic history of the Netherlands and Flanders.

Tijdschrift voor Sociale Geschiedenis, quarterly magazine for the social history of the Netherlands.

Tjebbe van Tijen, his texts on projects in which interactivity and visualisation in the realm of art were combined with the new area of 'human computer interfaces' for information retrieval and dissemination.

Virtual Knowledge Studio (VKS)

Vrouwentijdschriften, a project of the Press Museum on illustrated women's magazines in the Netherlands (in Dutch).

World Economic History Congress 2009 (IEHA)

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