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1900-1945: Mass Media and Censorship I
De Zeven Provinciën, 8 februari
Prompted by the events in February 1933, the Press Department of the Nationaal Jongeren Verbond issued the Roseboek van de muiterij [Pink book of the mutiny], an account in drawings and articles of the mutiny on the battleship De Zeven Provinciën and its aftermath. It attempted chiefly to illuminate the role of the SDAP [Social Democratic Workers’ Party] regarding the mutiny, prior to the 'white book' issued by the authorities.
Following the mutiny on the De Zeven Provinciën, the newspaper Voorwaarts [Forwards] was forbidden for military personnel by the Minister of Defence, Deckers. To circumvent the ban the title was changed into De Zeven Provinciën on 8 February 1933.
The mutiny remained taboo for a long time. The former mutineer Maud Boshart was not able to publish his account until 1964.
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