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1800-1900: Struggling against Censorship
Index librorum prohibitorum
Index librorum prohibitorum sanctissimi domini nostri Gregorii XVI pontificis maximi jussu editus Romae MDCCCXLI. Cum summi pontificis speciali concessione Modoetiae 1850 recusus [...]. [(1559-1851)]
Paris, Rouveyre,
The Index
Three of the titles mentioned in the Index librorum prohibitorum (1559-1966) of 1877. Ever since its beginnings, the Roman Catholic Church has tried to protect the faithful against what it sees as dangerous thoughts and writings. Following the invention of the printing press this led to the Index librorum prohibitorum (1559; Pope Paul IV). The Index contains texts banned by the Roman Catholic authorities because they were said to endanger faith and public morals.
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