Spain, c 1975
Do not travel to Spain
design: Tor Lindmark
, Sweden,
c 1975
Call number:
BG H3/13

Until 1975 nearly every Spanish prison entrance carried a sign saying: 'I can affirm without fear or error that anyone who has visited the prisons of other countries and compared them with ours will not have found institutions as equitable, Christian or humane as those established by our Movement. (Francisco Franco).'
Amnesty International in 1973 documented the Spanish detention centers. The population, which consisted of 'socialists, communists, anarchists, Basque and Catalonian nationalists, students, workers, priests, lawyers, university professors, and novelists, Jehovah's witnesses, pacifists, and conscientious objectors,' had to cope with torture and violence, isolation, bad food, and a lack of medical supplies. (From: Amnesty International, Political imprisonment in Spain, call number Bro 103/6 fol).

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