Volume 50 part 2 (August 2005)




Stephanie Cronin 'Popular Protest, Disorder and Riot in Iran: The Tehran Crowd and the Rise of Riza Khan, 1921-1925' [summary]

John McIlroy and Alan Campbell 'The British and French Representatives to the Communist International, 1920-1939: A Comparative Survey' [summary]

Research note

Lindsay Proudfoot and Dianne Hall 'Points of Departure: Remittance Emigration from South-West Ulster to New South Wales in the Later Nineteenth Century' [summary]

Review essay

Roel Meijer 'Taking the Islamist Movement Seriously: Social Movement Theory and the Islamist Movement'

Book reviews

Marcel Trudel Deux siècles d'esclavage au Québec. Suivi du: Dictionnaire des esclaves et de leurs propriétaires au Canada française sur CD-ROM. Avec la collaboration de Micheline D'Allaire (Yves Laberge)
David Harvey Paris, Capital of Modernity (Charles Rearick)
Torsten Kupfer Geheime Zirkel und Parteivereine. Die Organisation der deutschen Sozialdemokratie zwischen Sozialistengesetz und Jahrhundertwende (Bert Altena)
Sekhor Bandyopadhyay Caste, Culture and Hegemony. Social Domination in Colonial Bengal (Parimal Ghosh)
Subho Basu Does Class Matter? Colonial Capital and Workers' Resistance in Bengal (1890-1937) (Samita Sen)
Alejandro R. Díez Torre Orígenes del cambio regional y turno del pueblo Aragón, 1900-1938. Volumen I: Confederados. Orígenes del cambio regional de Aragón, 1900-1936. Volumen II: Solidarios. Un turno de pueblo Aragón, 1936-1938 (José Luis Gutiérrez Molina)
Jennifer Klein For All These Rights. Business, Labor, and the Shaping of America's Public-Private Welfare State (Marie Gottschalk)
Frank Levy and Richard J. Murnane The New Division of Labor. How Computers Are Creating the Next Job Market (Greg Downey)



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