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1945-2000: Mass Media and Censorship II
God, Nederland en Oranje, Year 1, issue 1, 1966
God, Nederland en Oranje, (God, the Netherlands and Orange) Year 1, issue 1, 1966.
God, Nederland en Oranje was a cartoon magazine linked to the Provo movement, featuring many publications by 'Willem' (pseudonym of Bernard Willem Holtrop). The provocative cartoons regularly led to confiscation and prosecution. A total of 10 issues were published between September 1966 and March 1968.
This first issue dating from 1966 depicted Queen Juliana as a window prostitute; it was confiscated, the charge of lèse majesté was changed to one of insulting the Public Authorities, and Willem was fined 200 guilders. Three members of the Provo movement were arrested and released again after questioning.
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