Collections around Chile in the years 1970-2000 in the IISG

Brigada Ramona Parra

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Archival and documentation collections
Arian, Max

Centrum voor Chileense cultuur (Amsterdam)

Chili Komitee Amersfoort

Chili Komitee Nederland

Frank, Andre Gunder

Grez-Toso, Santiago Sergio

Haags Chili Komitee

Kommissie voor Opvang en Begeleiding van Vluchtelingen uit Chili

Koster, Koos

Segall Rosenmann, Marcelo M.

Vildosola, Boris

Image and Sound Collections

In the photocollections of Chili Komitee Nederland, De Waarheid, Het Vrije Volk, and Industriebond FNV there are photos on solidarity actions with Chile in the Netherlands.

In total there are some 300 posters from or on Chile present in the Institute.
Some are listed in our online catalogue. Search with the words 'poster Chile'.

The others can be found in a list


The Institute has a collection of over 300 serials from modern Chile.
List with serials in alphabetical order.


The American involvement with the coup is documented by The National Security Archive - George Washington University.

Amnesty International's pages on Chile: http://web.amnesty.org/library/eng chl/index

Links to Chilean subjects: http://lanic.utexas.edu/la/chile/index.html#history