Reactions on the events of September 11, 1973

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Around the world people reacted emotionally to the violent overthrow of Allende's government.
In the Netherlands, which since May 1973 had been governed by a progressive cabinet, including Prime Minister Den Uyl and Minister Pronk, who were both deeply involved in Allende's experiment, there was a solidarity organization even before September 11.
The 'Chili Komitee' became a large and important organization, an organization capable of focusing the public's attention through boycotts and publicity about Pinochet's crimes.

Support for Chilean refugees was also an important activity. For that matter, the political divisions of the UP were repeated, now together with their Dutch counterparts. The debate on the establishment of socialism, with or without violence, now or in the future, was continued everywhere in Europe. And Chile served both camps as a tragic example.

Chile under the yoke of the military had to wait for better times, until 1990. In the year communism met its definite demise in Eastern Europe, the Christian Democrat Aylwin followed Pinochet