Transnational Labour History

Transnational Labour History
Marcel van der Linden, Transnational Labour History
Aldershot : Ashgate, 2003; ISBN 0-7546-3085-4; 240 pp.

There has been a growing recognition amongst scholars that labour historians need to look beyond national borders in order to place the history of the working classes into a much broader context than has hitherto been the case. Whilst studies focused on individual countries are essential, it is only by comparing and contrasting the experiences across time and space that a true understanding of the subject can be attempted.
Professor Marcel van der Linden, has contributed much to the debate on cross-border processes and comparisons. This volume makes available in English a collection of twelve of his most important essays on the theme of transnational labour history. Previously published in a range of journals and volumes, with two original contributions, Transnational Labour History brings them together in a single convenient collection, together with a new introduction.
Marcel van der Linden is Research Director of the International Institute of Social History in Amsterdam