Volume 61 Special Issue (December 2016)


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IRSH 61-si

Conquerors, Employers and Arbiters: States and Shifts in Labour Relations, 1500–2000

Edited by Karin Hofmeester, Gijs Kessler, and Christine Moll-Murata

Karin Hofmeester, Gijs Kessler, and Christine Moll-Murata  'Introduction' [abstract]

Christine Moll-Murata  'Tributary Labour Relations in China During the Ming-Qing Transition (Seventeenth to Eighteenth Centuries)' [abstract]

Dmitry Khitrov  'Tributary Labour in the Russian Empire in the Eighteenth Century: Factors in Development' [abstract]

Raquel Gil Montero and Paula C. Zagalsky  'Colonial Organization of Mine Labour in Charcas (Present-Day Bolivia) and Its Consequences (Sixteenth to Seventeenth Centuries)' [abstract]

Rossana Barragán Romano  'Dynamics of Continuity and Change: Shifts in Labour Relations in the Potosí Mines (1680–1812)' [abstract]

Filipa Ribeiro da Silva  'Political Changes and Shifts in Labour Relations in Mozambique, 1820s–1920s' [abstract]

Elise van Nederveen-Meerkerk  'Grammar of Difference? The Dutch Colonial State, Labour Policies, and Social Norms on Work and Gender, c.1800–1940' [abstract]

Takuma Melber  'The Labour Recruitment of Local Inhabitants as Romusha in Japanese-Occupied South East Asia' [abstract]

Fernando Mendiola  'The Role of Unfree Labour in Capitalist Development: Spain and its Empire, Nineteenth to Twenty-First Centuries' [abstract]

M. Erdem Kabadayı  'Working for the State in the Urban Economies of Ankara, Bursa, and Salonica: From Empire to Nation State, 1840s–1940s' [abstract]

Max Koch  'The Role of the State in Employment and Welfare Regulation: Sweden in European Context' [abstract]

Raquel Varela  'State Policies Towards Precarious Work: Employment and Unemployment in Contemporary Portugal' [abstract]