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Wages for construction workers in public service (c. 1766) paid for construction in the imperial villa Yuanming yuan Garden of Perfect Brightness outside Peking

Compiler: Christine Moll-Murata

The datafile: spreadsheet (.xls, 17 Kb)


tael (liang, 兩, treasury ounce, a unit of account set by the Board of Revenue and used for official accounts: 37 grams of silver, 95-99% purity.


- Neiting Yuanming yuan neigong zhuzuo xianxing zeli 内庭圓明園内工諸作現行則例 (Current regulations and precedents on interior handicrafts in the Inner Courts of the Garden of Perfect Brilliance, after Qianlong 31 (1766), ms., reprint
- Qingdai jiangzuo zeli 清代匠作則例 (Handicraft regulations of the Qing dynasty), ed. by Wang Shixiang 王世襄 et al. 2 vols. Zhengzhou: Daxiang chubanshe 1999. Vol. 1, pp. 615-656
- Yuanming yuan neigong zaxiang jiazhi zeli 圓明園内工雜項價值則例 (Regulations and precendents on prices of miscellaneous items) p. 648
- Jiangfu gongjia 匠夫工價 (Prices and wages of master artisans and labourers)

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