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Regulated wages paid by the state in public construction. Data from Wuliao jiazhi zeli (Regulations and precedents on the prices of materials) for 15 Chinese provinces from 1769 to 1795

Compiler: Christine Moll-Murata

The datafiles are divided in 2 separate files:
Wuliao jiazhi zeli - spreadsheet (.xsl, 878 Kb)
Rehe - spreadsheet (.xsl, 20 Kb)

Further reading is provided in Christine Moll-Murata, Remarks on Wuliao jiazhi zeli, the Price and Wage Regulations in Public Construction, issued by the Ministry of Public Works (1769) - (pdf, 225 Kb).


tael (liang, 兩), treasury ounce, a unit of account set by the Board of Revenue and used for official accounts: 37 grams of silver, 95-99% purity.

sheng 升, measure of capacity: 1035 ml (E. Wilkinson, Chinese History: A manual; Harvard UP 2000, p. 238)

Our thanks to the joint project group of the Sinological Seminar of Tübingen University, Germany, and of the Institute for History of Natural Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Peking, for their permission to publish the data included in their databases on prices and wages in public construction. For the complete set of prices and wages of Zhili, Gansu, Hunan, and Yunnan, see

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