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Prices in Östergötland, 1592-1735

Author: Göran Hansson
The datafile : spreadsheet (.xls, 226 Kb)

Data for the prices has been excerpted from four hospitals and about fifty parishes in Östergötland. This area constituted as one of Sweden's core regions situated about 200 kilometres southwest of Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. The yearly prices are the medium of the prices for the actual harvest year. The nominal prices are expressed in Swedish dalers silver coins which is one of the three monetary systems during the most part of Sweden's Period as a Great power (cc 1592-1718). The other of the two currency systems for domestic use is Swedish dalers copper coins which in actual cases have been converted into silver coins. In order to show the prices expressed also in Swedish riksdaler (the then Swedish national currency) and in silver (grams), the prices are presented in separate price lists. To do it easier to make international comparisons the prices are also expressed in Hamburger thaler-banco (1658-1735) and Amsterdam rijksdaalder (1703-1735).


The data that are presented in this database have been compiled by the author from his following publication:

G. Hansson, Såld spannmål av kyrkotionden. Priser i Östergötland under Sveriges stormaktstid [Corn sold from church tithes. Prices in Östergötland during Sweden's period as a great power] (2006) (Umeå studies in economic history 34) (ISBN 91-7264-098-7; ISSN 0347-254-X)

Source for the exchange rate of the Swedish riksdaler, Hamburger thaler-banco and Amsterdam rijksdaalder. R, Edvinsson (Department of Economic History, Stockholm University;, "History of the currency system in Sweden" (preliminary version 24 February 2007)

Source for the silver weight of the Swedish riksdaler:
K.-A. Wallroth, Sveriges mynt 1449-1917 (Stockholm 1918)

The database

The table (.pdf, 12 Kb.) gives some information on the goods and units of measurement that are used in the database.

Contact details of the author
Göran Hansson
Institutionen för ekonomisk historia
Umeå universitet
901 87 Umeå

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