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Lonen en prijzen in het cisterciënzerinnenklooster Leeuwenhorst bij Noordwijkerhout tussen 1410/11 en 1570/71

Author: Dr. Geertruida de Moor

The convent Leeuwenhorst near Noordwijkerhout existed from 1261 till 1574. As it was very wealthy bought a great variety of products and services of laborers. Therefore it is a very important guide into the historical prices and wages in the Netherlands. The convent offers a wealth of data because the accounts have survived relatively complete. The accounts from the years 1411/12, 1413/14, 1415/16, 1421/22, 1422/23, 1423/24, 1526/27, 1547/48 and 1550/51 are missing while some other years are partially damaged. They were written in duplicate. The financial year varied but mostly started on Sint-Laurentius (10 August), on Valkenburger- and/or Voorschotermarkt (around the midst of September) or on Bamis (Sint-Bavo, 1 October) and ended at the same date the next year.
For bookkeeping a fictional money was used, the so-called rekenmunt, because the real money often varied in value. A rekenmunt consisted of a pond, which was divided in 20 schellingen, and every schelling in 12 denieren. Therefore a pond consisted of 240 denieren. There circulated three different sorts of rekenmunten but because the vast amount of the accounts were written in Comans payment, everything is converted to denieren of Comans payment. In Comans payment a pond consisted of 15 stuivers (or 30 groot), a stuiver of 16 penningen and a groot of 8. A pond Comans payment consisted therefore of 240 penningen. In comparison to the rekenmunt earlier mentioned, a penning was equal in value to a denier. For comparison, the silver value of a penning is given in the first column of the data file for the years concerned.

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