Les masques arrachés ou vies privées
Les masques arrachés ou vies privées
Title page of the final of two imaginative volumes in which the events in France and Belgium (the Hendrik van der Noot of the title had invaded Belgium at the head of an armed group from the north a few months after the fall of the Bastille) were described as early as 1790 as the result of a conspiracy of secret societies. Spiced by the odd salacious anecdote, the book was reprinted in 1791. Jacques le Sueur was the pseudonym of the French playwright Alexandre-Louis-Bertrand Robineau, who also used the name Beaunoir.
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AB F590
Read the second report of the spy which relies heavily on the Essai sur la secte des Illuminés of the Marquis de Luchet (1789) (from vol I, pp 56-101). (Pdf 64 Kb)