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The register is in the archive of Max Nettlau, an German collector and historian, inventory number 3155:
'Register of persons, deported on the Danae to the French penal colony New Caledonia after the collapse of the Paris Commune and of later ships carrying deportees, 1872-1876. With notes about their fate, different destinations, death, return to France until 1879. 1872-1879. 1 volume.'

According to a handwritten notice in French, Nettlau received this register in 1903 from "M.D. in G." This may have been Monsieur Auguste Dide in Geneva, who also donated related materials to Lucien Descaves. Descaves was a French collector who owned an impressive collection on the Commune. He was seen as a rival of Nettlau. Both collections are now housed in the IISH, as is the archive of Louise Michel.


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