B.V. Ginzburg:
From: Pravda, 5-8-1933

Summary of the text:
In a Belomorstroi newspaper a good example of 're-forging' is found. Ginzburg was a person who would be lost in a bourgeois society, the term 'recidivist' glued on his forehead. He stubbornly refused to work, but the building leaders faced him with the same stubbornness. In solitary detention he repented and became a good ground worker, an 'udarnik' (shock worker) and educator of other workers. His collectives always more than fulfilled the plan. Ginzburg, once a recidivist from the gutter, now shines as an example of the system of re-education. In this system there is no place for plaintive sentimentality or hypocritical talking on the human 'soul'.