Archives back in Amsterdam

On April 11, 2002, 62 years after units of the German occupation army in the Netherlands seized the archives of real and imagined enemies of nazism, some of these archives have now been returned to their original owner, the International Institute of Social History. These archives had fallen into the hands of Red Army units after the end of World War II and were taken to Moscow, where they have been kept until recently. For more information, see the previous messages on our site.

The transfer involves the following archives ('Fondy' in Russian terminology):
Fond 528   IISH
Includes a description of a Marx-Engels exhibition from 1931
Fond 529   Sekretariat der Sozialistische Jugend Internationale
Includes correspondence of Erich Ollenhauer
Fond 591   Joseph Bloch, editor of the 'Sozialistische Monatshefte'
Includes correspondence with Max Adler, Friedrich Adler, Karl Kautsky, and d'Annunzio
Fond 1269  Nationaal Jongeren Verbond (Arnhem)
Fond 1448  Amsterdamse Vredesraad
Fond 1518  Studenten- en Jongerenorganisaties

The first three archives were the property of the Institute even before May 1940. The latter three are given to us on loan.
The pictures show the actual arrival of the archives in Amsterdam and provide an impression of the quantity.
The transfer of archives is still not completed, as some archives have yet to be transferred to their original owners.

On the left: Patricia Kennedy Grimsted